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2023-12-08 10:29:40
2022 ODC (OPPO Developer Conference) - reoqoo create security guardian scenar
Create multiple security guardian scenarios.

On August 30, 2022, the 2022 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC22) officially opened in Shenzhen under the theme 'Abundant Hearts, Journey Together.' The conference centered around the integration of all things in the smart life, sharing OPPO's platform capabilities, technical services, and the latest practices in the field of software and hardware integration



This year's conference revolved around four major scenes: smart entertainment, intelligent learning, smart production, and smart health, as well as the integration of an intelligent home space. It unveiled multiple new technologies and plans for the first time, sharing the ultimate user experience created through multi-terminal integration


In the field of OPPO's IoT ecosystem business, with a focus on security scenarios, OPPO has collaborated with Reoqoo to leverage their respective understanding of users and jointly define products. They have introduced a new generation of home care devices called 'Smart Home Camera.' In the era of interconnected devices, no product operates in isolation. OPPO and Reoqoo's smart camera is deeply integrated with OPPO's smart door lock. For example, when someone arrives home and opens the door, the camera automatically enters a physical cover state, and when leaving home, the camera switches to a defense mode. In terms of marketing and distribution, both parties have jointly invested in cooperative efforts. On the technical side, OPPO provides the end-to-end support for the platform, connectivity, and the front-end app. Through this close collaboration, the product has received widespread acclaim from users.

The core experience of the security guardian scenario is not only safety but also intelligence, convenience, and the protection of privacy. In this collaboration, both OPPO and Reoqoo conducted in-depth research and planning on the home security care scene, addressing numerous user experience challenges to ensure that it meets these criteria.

For instance, it is possible to configure up to 6 primary monitoring zones, achieving high sensitivity and precision through automatic scanning and patrol monitoring. AI algorithms intelligently analyze unusual situations, complemented by a 360° panoramic view and a 110° wide-angle lens, allowing a single camera to simultaneously monitor multiple areas, providing a comprehensive and fully protected view with no blind spots.





In addition, there are AI cry detection and intelligent soothing functions. The system recognizes a baby's cry based on specific frequency patterns and automatically plays soothing music, providing timely intervention and comfort. This effectively soothes the baby's emotions, greatly freeing up the mother's hands, and reducing maternal anxiety and worry.



Furthermore, this intelligent camera can accurately detect human presence, recognize faces, and promptly send notifications to caregivers' mobile phones. Lastly, there is a one-touch 'Call Family' function for seniors and children. All of these features exemplify intelligence and convenience. We can see that the collaboration between the two parties has elevated the experience of intelligence and convenience to a new level.



In addition, privacy concerns, which are often associated with smart products, have been effectively addressed. When we worry about the risk of system breaches leading to privacy leaks, physical dormancy becomes our most reliable security barrier. Even if the system is compromised, it cannot activate the physically dormant camera. Moreover, the camera automatically enters dormancy mode when we return home each day and activates defense mode when we leave, ensuring both privacy protection and the preservation of smart convenience.



In the era of smart technology, we enjoy the convenience brought by technological innovation, but we also grapple with the concerns of privacy breaches. While smart products safeguard the security of our families and properties, the safety of our personal privacy requires companies with technological capabilities, responsibility, and ethical values to protect it. Faced with ever-evolving security and privacy challenges, OPPO, relying on Pantanal Security, has provided a range of user privacy security measures, instilling greater confidence in us. OPPO has already achieved international MDfPP3.2 security certification for its first mobile device and the first domestic 2407 Mobile Intelligent Terminal Security Technology Level 5 certification.


With OPPO's IoT ecosystem layout gradually maturing and becoming more refined, we look forward to OPPO introducing more products in the security guardian scenario. As a professional brand in the security field, Reoqoo, through its deep collaboration with OPPO, can leverage its expertise in security technology along with OPPO's cutting-edge imaging technology, aesthetics, and user-centered philosophy. This partnership will open up even greater opportunities to provide consumers with the ultimate experience.

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