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2022-08-10 10:29:40
Reoqoo smart camera is now available for purchase across all online platforms in China
boasting 2.5K ultra-high-definition resolution and redefining home security.

On August 10, 2022, under the guidance of OPPO Life's strategy of interconnectivity in the smart living space, OPPO Life, in collaboration with Reoqoo, jointly released their latest product, the Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Ultra HD Pan-Tilt Version, focusing on the smart security scenario. This AI-enabled smart camera boasts an ultra-high-definition pan-tilt version, equipped with a large CMOS sensor and a high-resolution lens module, offering a resolution of 2560*1440, comparable to mainstream smartphones in the market. It delivers a stable and smooth image, along with ultra-clear picture quality, providing users with an intelligent home monitoring experience. It also features starlight-level night vision, AI-based home monitoring, one-click emergency connection, and integrates deeply with the OPPO ColorOS system. Users can quickly connect and intelligently link the camera with OPPO smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, televisions, and other devices, offering a better all-scenario smart living experience.

Exceptional Imaging for Rich Detail in Ultra-High Definition Quality.

For a security-focused smart camera, image clarity is a key metric. The Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version has undergone a comprehensive pixel screen upgrade, delivering a visually striking experience with a resolution of up to 2560X1440, faithfully capturing every frame's details, even when zoomed in. It features an F1.6 large aperture lens, allowing more light to pass through and effectively reducing light loss, resulting in outstanding image quality. Additionally, it comes with built-in 940nm non-exposure infrared lamps and boasts low-light full-color image processing capabilities, providing low-noise, color images even in low-light conditions. With the upgrade to 2.5K ultra-high definition, the night vision effect is also remarkably clear, with richer details. Whether it's daytime or nighttime, it accurately reproduces the real details of the surveillance scene.


The AI Smart Brain makes caregiving even more heartwarming.

In terms of AI smart security capabilities, the Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version boasts exceptional performance and features a robust AI computing capacity. It can accurately detect human presence, effectively reducing false alarms caused by movement or changes in lighting conditions. It precisely recognizes faces, sends push notifications, and automatically tracks movement. The camera also includes AI cry detection, running a cry monitoring algorithm to identify a baby's cry based on specific sound spectra, and automatically plays soothing music to comfort the baby, freeing up the mother's hands and alleviating her anxiety. The one-touch call feature completely addresses the challenge of older cameras that could only make one-way calls. A simple press of the camera's call button can send a voice call invitation to the mobile phone, enabling two-way voice communication and one-way video chat. Both seniors and children can easily use it.



The ColorOS system offers deep and intelligent interconnectivity, ensuring smoother and more efficient caregiving.

From software to hardware, OPPO Life ecosystem products consistently prioritize user experience. The Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version can seamlessly integrate with other OPPO Life ecosystem products. Not only can it be controlled through smartphones and tablets, but it can also be viewed on OPPO TVs, and receive alerts on smartwatches. It also supports intelligent scene linkage, such as turning on lights when the camera detects human presence or directly displaying image-rich alerts on smartphones without the need to open the app. Additionally, it can be voice-controlled through the Reoqoo assistant to open or close the camera.



Local and cloud dual storage ensures enhanced data security.

Compared to the single storage mode of traditional cameras, the OPPO Life Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version offers dual storage with both cloud and local Micro SD card automatic looping recording, ensuring data redundancy. The MicroSD card supports up to 256GB, automatically overwriting the oldest recordings when full. Additionally, all users receive 7-day loop cloud service event recordings to safeguard data security. It also supports the new generation H.265 monitoring intelligent encoding, effectively saving space while maintaining image quality, allowing you to store as much as you need without worrying about running out of storage space.



Dual-band Wi-Fi for smoother video streaming.

Many previous smart home products only supported 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals, leading to decreased Wi-Fi stability as the number of connected devices increased. With the widespread use of dual-band Wi-Fi routers, the Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connections. This effectively reduces signal interference on a particular frequency, resulting in a more stable connection without worrying about device disconnections. Moreover, 5GHz Wi-Fi offers higher transmission speeds compared to traditional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring smoother video streaming.


The Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version is the result of a collaborative effort between OPPO Life and Reoqoo to deeply expand into the IoT home camera field. With outstanding technology and a legacy of quality, it's a trusted choice for consumers seeking a smart lifestyle. Since its inception, Reoqoo has focused on refining its capabilities and has a strong development team with extensive experience, aiming to deliver the ultimate home camera experience. Reoqoo has already served over 70 million households and users worldwide. In the future, Reoqoo will continue to work with OPPO Life to create even higher-quality products, bringing convenience to more households!


Sales Information:

August 15, 2022, at 00:00

Officially available for all online platforms

Orders come with a complimentary 64GB SD card


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