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2023-12-08 10:29:40
Reoqoo defined new generation AI camera!
A pro-level move to downsize the competition.

While mainstream giants have already entered the smart camera market, OPPO, though a relatively latecomer, is still highly anticipated. Over the years, many successful products have focused on upgrading everyday items with advanced technology, taking the precision of smartphone manufacturing to create TVs, cameras, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and more, using cutting-edge technology to redefine industries. As a true professional in the imaging field, OPPO has accumulated extensive imaging expertise and achieved breakthroughs in smartphone imaging capabilities. All of these factors give us plenty of reason to anticipate what surprises OPPO will bring to the table in this venture.


The Dual Overlay Advantage of Imaging Experts and Security Experts.


The latest camera product from OPPO Life, developed in collaboration with IoT partner Reoqoo, is a high-end smart camera. OPPO has consistently emphasized the deep integration of hardware and software technologies, and their selection of ecosystem partners is highly rigorous. While the Reoqoo brand may have a low-profile presence among consumers, it is a formidable player in the B2B security sector. They possess an independent research and development laboratory for both hardware and software, have won the National Security Industry Innovation Enterprise Award for three consecutive years, hold over 100 patents, and have nearly a decade of security technology expertise. According to some information available, this new smart camera from OPPO is expected to incorporate and showcase OPPO's cutting-edge imaging technology along with Reoqoo security patent technology.


The Intelligent New Experience of Ultra-High-Definition Imaging and AI Integration.


With the continuous advancement of AI technology, sensor technology, and imaging technology, I've noticed that the camera I bought five years ago no longer meets my needs. Friends who frequently purchase electronic products may have experienced this clearly—what used to be the 'pro' version a few years ago might not even match the performance of the latest 'basic' version today. Now, with resolutions easily reaching 2K and various smart features, those of us considering an upgrade should definitely keep an eye on OPPO's new camera product.

What is the experience of 2.5K Ultra HD?


This camera features a large-sized CMOS sensor, comparable to smartphone standards, with an F1.6 ultra-wide aperture. Unlike the industry-standard 1080 pixels, OPPO has elevated the image quality to a stunning 2.5K Ultra HD, boasting a resolution of 2560x1440, a 100% increase. It also includes a 3D noise reduction algorithm that reduces noise and trailing, allowing for a deep restoration of every frame's details, even when zoomed in.



For security surveillance cameras, unclear image quality is equivalent to having no use at all. It makes it challenging to discern details and gather evidence. Perhaps this 2.5K high-definition image quality can elevate the industry standard for security surveillance cameras to a new level.


What level is the ‘Starlight-grade night vision’ + ‘ultra-low light full color’?


For security surveillance cameras, the clarity of night vision is a core element, as unclear night vision cannot guarantee security. It is said that this camera uses 940nm infrared supplementary light beads and incorporates ultra-low light full-color imaging and super-sensitive CMOS technology, allowing it to provide a color image with no red exposure and low noise even in low-light conditions. While I may not have a strong preference for color in night vision, a sample of this ultra-low light full-color capability still amazed me. Achieving this level of night vision is truly a technological marvel.



The pan-tilt version offers extremely practical functionality. The motorized pan-tilt lens can rotate 360 degrees, providing a wide scanning range. Finally, for home and store surveillance, it's possible to achieve a panoramic view. Additionally, you can set up scheduled and targeted automatic cruise scanning for key areas. Compared to fixed-angle cameras, one pan-tilt version is equivalent to several fixed version devices





The 'smartness' brought about by AI algorithms.




When you have more than three smart home devices at home, you can strongly feel the convenience. When your smart devices have outstanding AI algorithms, you can truly experience what 'technology changing life' means. This camera can achieve 'AI cry detection,' allowing parents to focus on other tasks while being able to intervene promptly when the baby shows signs of distress. What's most interesting is that it comes with the built-in OPPO Relax soothing music library or supports self-recording music. It can recognize the baby's cries through intelligent voice recognition and automatically play soothing music, comforting the baby and relieving their anxiety. At this point, we can clearly taste the essence of intelligence.


Security means preventing problems before they occur.


This camera can also detect human forms and recognize faces. When the baby moves around at home, the algorithm will automatically track their movements and promptly send notifications to the phone. If any risky behavior is detected, parents can intervene in a timely manner, such as initiating a real-time call before the danger occurs. It supports one-touch real-time calls on both the smartphone and camera sides, and with professional noise reduction algorithms and high-power speakers, it ensures clearer and louder sound.





Ensuring privacy safe is a significant challenge.


This camera allows users to flexibly set activation and sleep times based on their daily routines. It automatically enters sleep mode when the user arrives home and activates security protection when they leave, ensuring privacy protection. Many users are concerned about the issue of potential privacy breaches with cameras, and while it may be technically secure, there is still a lingering sense of unease, as physical security and psychological security are two different aspects.



But this camera has resolved a long-standing concern of mine. When it goes into sleep mode, the lens is physically covered, which provides added peace of mind psychologically.



It also supports both local and cloud storage for video recordings. The cloud storage benefits from OPPO's encryption algorithm, ensuring security. Additionally, you can simultaneously use a storage card for recordings. What's particularly thoughtful is its intelligent encoding for videos – it maintains the same clear image quality while reducing the file size by half, significantly saving on memory costs. These are the kind of details that a mature and reputable brand should consider, as they reflect the product's completeness. OPPO, as a brand focused on user experience, certainly doesn't disappoint. For OPPO smartphone users, the deep integration of ColorOS with the product makes the entire operation process smooth and hassle-free.



Alert messages with images can be directly pushed to the notification bar on your phone. For ColorOS users, there's no need to unlock the phone and then open the app; you can directly view the camera information, providing a seamless and smooth experience.


For ColorOS users, this camera also offers unique features for seamless integration with various devices: you can access camera information on your phone, tablet, smartwatch, and even your TV. It can also serve as an identity recognition device for facial scanning and control lights and more. In the era of IoT, we are getting closer and closer to the futuristic lifestyle depicted in science fiction movies, something unimaginable just a decade ago.




Regarding OPPO Life's first intelligent camera, it's currently said to be available for purchase. After we obtains the product and tests it thoroughly, we'll share a detailed user experience review with everyone.

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