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IoT Smart Security
Video Surveillance
Remote video helps with the surveillance of house, keeping an eye on family members and pets at any time.
Intelligent Scenario
Easy to go for daily life scenes, executing the desired intelligent home scenes anytime and anywhere.
Intelligent Notification
Flexible feedback setting of intelligent hardware and real-time control of device help build up your smart life effoelessly.
Intelligent Housekeeper
The intelligent housekeeper offers easy task management and diverse ways of interaction, using IoT smart home technology to seamlessly oversee your intelligent household with just one click.
HeyTap Smart Home App
Control Your Smart Life
Reoqoo IoT Samrt Home

Under the strategic vision of building the new ecosystem of interconnected everything, we propose the concept of Reoqoo IoT Smart Home in order to create a smart, warm, and imaginative security life for users.

Through the layout of self-developed intelligent security product to meet users needs in applied scenarios, Reoqoo  share the concept of Reoqoo IoT Smart Home with users and invite them to creat the better and smart life togother!

At the same time, Reoqoo will also share the concept through ecological marketing, social media, and other channels. 

Welcome other smart products to integrate into Reoqoo IoT smart system, and work togother for a new interconnected world!

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