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Reoqoo IoT Video

One-stop Intelligent Hardware Development,
Specializing in Intelligent Visual Application Development

If you have your own hardware product and want to explore intelligent visual solutions, kindly try to contact us.
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Worldwide Deployment

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Platform Cases
Tencent Cloud IoT Video
Collaborating with Tencent Cloud to develop Tencent Cloud IoT Video, we provide customers with video connectivity, storage, and intelligent application services. Customers can easily and quickly achieve one-stop video scenario capabilities, including device integration, broadband transmission, cloud storage, remote viewing, and more. We offer a wide range of AI algorithm models to enable intelligent analysis and application of specific scenarios, enabling cloud-edge collaborative intelligent applications.
Hardware Cases
Smart Camera

Wired/Wi-Fi/4G smart cameras, supporting 24/7 recording and event cloud storage, and providing end-to-end and AI cloud services.

Smart Video Doorbell

Smart video doorbells (with built-in battery), supporting indoor relaying, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth activation and wake-up function, low-power consumption and long standby (>6 months).

Smart Home Products

Smart home products (e.g. AI robots /AI roomba) video/call functions to meet people's needs for smart life.

With intelligent vision,
these core scenarios become twice as efficient
Intelligent Visual Capabilities
Since the breakthrough in deep learning, intelligent vision has entered a stage of widespread commercial implementation, rapidly empowering various sectors including security, finance, retail, healthcare, autonomous driving, industry, and agriculture. It replaces human eyes in achieving object recognition, face recognition, identity authentication, and more, significantly boosting operational efficiency.
Specialized in Intelligent Vision Development
IoT Capability
Providing IoT connectivity for billions of IoT devices,with stable and reliable message communication links and simple and practical IoT application framework.
P2P Capability
Providing P2P transmission for video IoT application scenarios. Auto adaption and multipath bring the fast and smooth experience of seconds mapping for end users.
Service Capability
Providing all-in-one services and solutions for smart visual application industry, like, product R&D, production and testing, cloud storage enhancement, AI integration, user operations, etc..
Let's try Reoqoo loT Video now
A one-stop development integrating products, cloud service and control technology, achieves rapid implementation of smartphone app control and allows that zero-experiencebusiness easily transition to smart solutions.
High Efficiency
We have adapted our solution for mainstream visual chips and embedded systems, to pack them into standard SDKs. This means developers can easily create networked visual applications by simply calling interfaces, greatly reducing complexity and shortening development cycles.
Global Reach
Reoqoo’s cloud computing clusters span over 200 countries and regions worldwide, ensuring smooth international product expansion, stable device operation, and zero-latency interaction responsiveness.
One-stop service,
comprehensively addressing a series of issues from development to mass production.
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