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2023-12-08 10:29:40
Smart home security expert.
Redefining home security!

In today's urban family life, which often involves busy work during the day and the hassle of queuing for nucleic acid tests after work, there is a daily routine for many. For families with young children, juggling high-pressure work environments while worrying about the well-being of their babies at home can be mentally and physically exhausting. Fortunately, in the era of mobile internet, there are solutions available, such as various home cameras that allow parents to check on their babies through their smartphones, alleviating some of their anxiety.


However, there are still some issues with most of the care-oriented cameras on the market. For instance, cameras from smaller manufacturers may lack proper security and privacy protection. Many of these cameras also lack core imaging technology, which leads to problems with image clarity and smoothness, especially in challenging environments. These issues have been significant drawbacks for many smart cameras.


Recently, OPPO announced the availability of its new product, and it appears to address some of these concerns. Leveraging its expertise in imaging technology, OPPO is set to release its first intelligent camera designed for home monitoring. This intelligent camera comes in two different models:


3MP 2.5K version

4MP 3K version

Additionally, during the pre-order period, customers will receive a complimentary 64GB memory card. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for those seeking a smart camera solution. OPPO's extensive experience and technical knowledge in the smartphone industry may translate to higher image quality and a smoother user experience for this camera. We look forward to seeing the actual performance and user feedback once it becomes available.



This product not only delivers ultra-high-definition image quality but also offers features like starlight-level night vision and 360-degree panoramic surveillance. Additionally, it addresses various pain points that parents face when it comes to home monitoring. This allows busy parents to focus on their work during the day while easily checking on their homes. From a user experience perspective, it has already surpassed the definition of a typical camera and can be considered an intelligent and convenient 'home monitoring device.'


From the currently available information, this intelligent camera fully leverages OPPO's advantages in imaging technology. Compared to traditional camera products, it has seen significant improvements in terms of image quality and feature expansion. The introduction of this intelligent camera is not only the first application of OPPO's imaging technology in the smart security field but also another milestone product in OPPO's IoT layout in the 5G era.


OPPO has been dedicated to researching imaging technology and breakthroughs in imaging application scenarios for many years. OPPO's first smart camera has chosen to collaborate with Reoqoo IoT Technology Co., Ltd.'s smart home brand, Reoqoo. As of 2022, Reoqoo has more than 100 top AI visual development experts, has obtained 100 patents and awards, and has an annual shipment volume of over 8 million units. For over a decade, they have been committed to the development of intelligent security products. With this collaboration between these two imaging technology experts, as OPPO's first smart camera, what surprises will it bring? Let's continue to look forward to it.


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