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2023-12-08 10:29:40
Reoqoo Smart Camera Debuts at OPPO Life Launch Event
Reoqoo Smart Camera Debuts at OPPO Life Launch Event.

On August 10th, under the theme "Open Integration, Co-Creating Smart Living Spaces," the OPPO Watch 3 series and new products from the Smart Life ecosystem were successfully unveiled. In addition to introducing hardware innovations such as the OPPO Watch 3 series, the most significant surprise was the launch of the first smart camera product in collaboration with Little Piggy Home, the OPPO Life reoqoo  2.5K PT Version.


In the era of interconnected everything, people's demand for cameras goes beyond simple security surveillance. It integrates "family care, home entertainment, and smart home control" to provide a "warm and convenient" experience. In this era of interconnected everything, ubiquitous internet connectivity and the demand for remote monitoring have transformed cameras from mere social tools into essential carriers for security surveillance, home entertainment, and home automation. OPPO Smart Life, in collaboration with reoqoo, has redefined home cameras for family care scenarios, introducing the new generation of home care devices—the OPPO Life reoqoo 2.5K PT Version.



The highlight of this camera is its 2.5K ultra HD resolution, starlight night vision, super-low-light full color, AI cry detection, one-click family call, 360° panoramic view, and other features. It provides users with a comprehensive experience of "clearer and more comprehensive images, more convenient and enjoyable features, and smarter and safer use," offering multi-dimensional security protection for modern households.


More High Definition Image

The camera, as a home security product, clarity is crucial. It not only needs clear images, but also outstanding performance in image color, night shooting, and backlight scenes, representing the product's advantages. To make the camera truly perceptive, leveraging its innate advantages in imaging technology, OPPO has delved deep into the field of image rendering, bringing consumers the OPPO Life Reoqoo 2.5K PT Camera with a resolution of 2560x1440 ultra HD image quality (an increase of 78% over 1080p pixels), no infrared reflection, and low noise, providing clearer imaging.

As an ultra HD camera, the OPPO Life reoqoo 2.5K PT Camera addresses longstanding industry issues starting from the fundamentals of imaging technology. Firstly, this camera adopts a large-sized CMOS sensor and is equipped with a professional F1.6 large aperture, resulting in a 78% increase in pixels compared to the industry-standard 1080P. Additionally, with the support of a high-transmission, high-sensitivity lens module, the OPPO Life reoqoo 2.5K PT Camera not only resolves the long-standing issue of high noise in the industry but also optimizes the drag shadow problem commonly seen in cameras through a 3D DNR algorithm. Furthermore, with the dual upgrades of CMOS + low-light full-color imaging and enhanced 940nm infrared bead lights, it directly addresses industry challenges such as dim backlighting, overexposed night vision, and glaring visible supplementary lights, providing users with a perfect new experience of capturing clear images in various scenarios, including low light, weak light, and backlight.



2.5K Ultra HD Image

Super Low-light Full-color

Starlight Full-color Night Vision

System Auto-detected 

Fast Connection

Color OS Depth linkage

AI Crying Detection, Smart Music Baby Soothing

OPPO Life Reoqoo Smart Camera 2.5K PT Version

Panoramic View, No-blind Spots Home Care

Camera physical privacy cover, OPPO Cloud Encryption Algorithm.

Human Shape Detection, Motion Tracking

Dual WiFi Band


More Smart

System Discovery: In the fast-paced era of intelligent connectivity, where connection forms the foundation, and intelligence is the core, OPPO and reoqoo bring you a smart camera equipped with a 'smarter brain.' With a powerful baby crying detection algorithm, this camera effortlessly achieves 'AI Cry Detection.' It recognizes specific sounds of crying and, using the built-in OPPO Relax soothing music library, automatically plays soothing music to comfort the baby, alleviating anxiety for both the baby and the mother. Moreover, with robust AI algorithms, it intelligently identifies faces, recognizing family and friends, and can smartly detect human shapes, precisely identifying moving human contours. If any suspicious individuals or changes in the environment are detected at home, it will automatically initiate tracking and recording, even in offline mode, capturing the entire process. In case of potentially dangerous activities, parents can intervene timely, initiating real-time communication before any harm occurs. For elderly individuals and children at home alone, the convenience and peace of mind provided by phone calls are enhanced, and with professional noise reduction algorithms and high-power speakers, the sound is clearer and louder.


More Attentive

For end users, security protection is a crucial aspect in any era. Leveraging years of technical expertise and exploration, OPPO and reoqoo have won the favor of consumers. This time, with the OPPO Life reoqoo 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version, they have further iterated and upgraded its security capabilities. In addition to providing clear full-color images for recording life and home security, a camera with a 360° panoramic view is essential. The OPPO Life reoqoo 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version allows users to freely control the pan-tilt lens to rotate 360°, achieving a panoramic view. When the picture is still, it presents a 110° wide angle, leaving no blind spots from the ceiling to the floor, providing a more complete and reassuring image record. Moreover, the OPPO Life reoqoo 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version features a built-in auto-cruise mode and supports users in customizing six frequently viewed cruise points, cyclically recording pre-set key areas, offering an additional layer of protection for home security.

Upon the owner's return, the camera, through scene settings, intelligently activates the physical privacy cover, automatically concealing privacy. When leaving home, it initiates the arming mode, smartly safeguarding user privacy and security. Furthermore, it supports two video storage modes: cloud recording and storage card. In both modes, data security is ensured while facilitating easy viewing of video content.


In the era of smart homes where everything is interconnected, various types of household camera devices are rapidly becoming popular. OPPO, in collaboration with reoqoo, has insightfully recognized the deeper needs of consumers for home care. They give a new interpretation to home care cameras: capable of documenting life and safeguarding homes. The OPPO Life Reoqoo 2.5K Pan-Tilt Version is officially released, and pre-sales start from 20:00 on August 10. Interested friends can visit OPPO's official store, as well as major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD to make a purchase

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