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2024-05-21 18:42:30
Reoqoo Debuts in Vietnam with New Products
Stay True to Technology for Good,Opening a New Era of Intelligent Home Security

Recently, Reoqoo successfully held a launch event for its new series of products, the Reoqoo Smart Camera, in Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam. The innovative design of Reoqoo's new products offers users an standout experience for intelligent and secure home monitoring. The launch event was enthusiastically received by Vietnamese users and fans, with a lively atmosphere at the venue.


Glimpses of Event



Innovative Features of Reoqoo Smart Camera


The release of the Reoqoo Smart Camera attracted considerable attention from consumers and received unanimous praise from major media outlets. The flagship new product, the Reoqoo Smart Camera Pro, sparked much discussion and debate.


Distinctive Design: Small Body, Big Intelligence

In terms of design, the Reoqoo Smart Camera Pro is relatively small, with a cylindrical camera shape. White is its main colour and with the brand colour as an accent, featuring a stylish and joyful simplicity design, which can blend into various decor styles while placing it at home.



Apart from its appearance, the Reoqoo Smart Camera Pro's performance is also noteworthy. Visually, it can accurately recognize human figures and vehicles and support fire detection. It filters out interferences caused by changes in light and flying insects, and it can prompt alarm notifications to the user's phone. Audibly, it supports real-time two-way voice communication, with built-in professional noise reduction to ensure clear voice transmission in noisy environments. Additionally, it has several distinctive features, such as gesture recognition for making phone calls, allowing children and elderly people to ring a  call with the gesture when alone at home. In a mother-and-baby scenario, the camera can detect baby crying and play lullaby music to help soothe the baby. Reoqoo Smart Camera Pro makes it easy for mothers at home and can be a reliable partner for home security at outside.



Stay True to Technology for Good, Opening a New Era of Intelligent Home Security

Regarding the product R&D roots, Reoqoo's  presentation spokesperson Mel shared the brand's story with Vietnamese fans. She mentioned that home security encompasses more than just protection against theft; it also includes everyday safety hazards and family care. With young people busy with work and unable to keep an eye on home conditions, the demand for home security and care products becomes particularly urgent.


Traditional home security products are often limited in functionality, lacking intelligence and heavily dependent on human intervention, sometimes only serving for hindsight.  However, technological progress aims to benefit people, allowing people to enjoy a safe and intelligent life.




To make home security smart and efficient, Reoqoo returned to its original mission of "technology for good, benefiting life" by creating an AI "Smart Home" system. This system intelligently analyses and detects potential hazards in the environment. It includes security kits such as smart cameras and smart doorbells, paired with value-added services like cloud storage and AI function, covering various scenarios like garages, corridors, entrances, living rooms, kitchens, and balconies, constructing a safety firewall for the home. It also provides intelligent home security and family care services for working, traveling, and remote working groups, meeting the high-quality, intelligent, and comprehensive needs of home monitoring.



Reoqoo Overseas Deployment:

Ensuring Global User Safety with AI Smart Home Experience 

The Southeast Asian market has always been a key area for Reoqoo's overseas expansion strategy, with the Vietnamese market holding significant importance due to its unique market vitality and enormous development potential.

Since 2024, Reoqoo has successfully entered Vietnam's major e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop, making a significant exposure in the e-commerce sector. Additionally, Reoqoo has actively expanded its offline market, successfully entering 120 stores of Vietnam's high-end 3C chain stores CellphoneS, covering major cities and business districts in Vietnam. This comprehensive online and offline  channels strategy makes it successful. Reoqoo performs the remarkable sales in the Vietnamese market and showcases its strong capabilities and wide influence.

Looking ahead, Reoqoo will continue to deepen its market presence in Vietnam, maintaining excellent performance on e-commerce platforms while further expanding offline sales channels. In China, Reoqoo is present in over 5000 Huawei and OPPO stores. To further expand market share, Reoqoo plans to enter over 15,000 OPPO stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines this year.



Moreover, Reoqoo is actively developing a global supply chain system. In 2023, Reoqoo established its factory in Vietnam, not only to better serve the local market but also to strengthen its global business foundation. Through continuous innovation and product line optimization, Reoqoo aims to apply advanced AI security technology to homes and commercial spaces worldwide, ensuring the safety of global users' property and families.


It is firmly believe that with Reoqoo's continued efforts and progress, global consumers will enjoy an intelligent AI  home security experience.

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