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Reoqoo Smart Camera
2.5K P/T version
Caring from the Heart
Gesture Recognition | AI Human/Pet Detection | Fire Detection | Baby-crying Detection
Top Features
Gesture Recognition
AI Human/Pet Detection
Fire Detection
Baby-crying Detection
Ring your phone
What if kid come across homework difficulties alone at home?Give a "OK" or wave to camera, and it will call parents for remote tutoring.
Robust Al algorithm
Identify people/pets mobile tracking
Built-in powerful computing power can accurately identify human figures and pets, push messages, automatically track, and save local videos even when the network is disconnected.
AI Human/Pet Detection
Human Detection
Pet Detection
Fire Detection
Nip flame in the bud1
Reoqoo smart camera is also suitable for remote monitoring of stores and warehouses. It is your AI housekeeper and always protects the safety of assets.
When an object burns, the device can promptly identify the flame situation and sound an alarm. At the same time, the App will push a message to notify the owner in a timely manner, reducing the risk of abnormalities (flames, etc.).
Warehouse scene care
Paper storage area, gasoline storage area, wood storage area
Charging scene care
Tram charging area
Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods care
Battery storage area, gas bottles
AI Cry Detection + Intelligent
Music Soothing Caring for Babies by Heart
The camera runs a local cry detection algorithm, recognizing baby cries based on specific sound spectra, and automatically plays music to comfort the baby2, freeing up mothers' hands and relieving their anxiety.
Other Features
2K UHD Resolution
Motion Tracking
Customized Musical Soothing
Customized Surveillance
Two-way Talk
Screen Sharing
Multi-channels on One Screen
ONVIF Standards Support
What’s in the Box

① Package Box

② Power Adaptor

③ Mounted Base

④ Quick Start Guide

⑤ 2m Cable

⑥ Screw Kit

⑦ Camera

Service Policies
7 days no reason to return or exchange.
From the date you receive the product, you can enjoy a 7-day no reason return or exchange service if the product is undamaged and the outer packaging is intact.
30-day Free Replacement for Quality Issues.
Within 30 days from the date of product receipt, including the date of receipt, if the product experiences non-human-induced performance failures, you can replace the same product for free, and the round-trip shipping cost is borne by the merchant.
1-year Free Warranty
From the date of receiving the product, you can enjoy free repair service for non-human-induced performance faults within 1 year, and the round-trip shipping fee will be covered by the merchant.
1. Fire detection belongs to the experimental function, which is in the beta stage and is limited by different complex applications. It may cause false alerts or omission alerts. For example, objects or environmental backgrounds resembling flames in shape and color appear in the monitoring screen, which may cause false and omission alerts. So please turn on this function according to specific scenarios. Black-and-white images do not support AI Fire Detection function. If need, please switch the mode from Night Vision to Full Color Day&Night.
2. To customize music comfort, you need to set the relevant music or voice on the App.
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