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Reoqoo Smart Camera Pro
2.5K P/T version
Multiple AI Algorithms
Intelligently Guarding Your Home
2.5K UHD Resolution | 5GHz&2.4GHz Wi-Fi6 | One-click Call | AI Human/Pet/Fire Detection
Top Features
2.5K UHD Resolution
One-click call
Crying Detection
Music Soothing
2.5K1 Ultra HD Powerful Imaging Enjoy the Ultimate Visual Quality at Your Leisure
4MP, with a resolution of up to 2560×1440, a 78% increase in pixel count compared to 1080P, ensuring that every frame's details are faithfully reproduced and remain clear when zoomed in.
1.6 Large Aperture, Coated Glass Lens BSI Back-Illuminated Super Sensitivity Sensor Allows more light to pass through, resulting in superior imaging.
Large CMOS Sensor
Pixels up to 2 μm,
comparable to mainstream smartphones.
High-resolution lens module
F1.6 large aperture.
3D DNR, suitable for both still and moving scenes
Image noise correction,
reducing slur when movement.
Dual Band Wi-Fi
Double Stability
5GHz, fast connections for close distance; 2.4GHz, stable connection for long distance. Dual bands in one camera, AI switching in different conditions, make it more smooth and stable.
One-click Family Call
Friendly Use for All Ages
Both the mobile app and the camera are able to real-time calls with just one click, with a pickup sound distance of up to 5 meters2. Professional algorithms are used for noise reduction and echo cancellation, and it is compatible with high-power speakers for more convenient voice chat.
AI Cry Detection
Intelligent Music Soothing
Caring for Babies by Heart
The camera runs a local cry detection algorithm, recognizing baby cries based on specific sound spectra, and automatically plays music to comfort the baby3, freeing up mothers' hands and relieving their anxiety.
Other Features
Fire Detection5
AI Human/Pet Detection
Sound&Light Alerts
360° Panoramic View
Full Color Night Vision
Customized Surveillance
Motion Tracking
ONVIF Standards Support
Product Name
Reoqoo Smart Camera Pro
Max. Resolution
Micro SD card (Max. 256G)
Power Supply
Frequency Range
5GHz&2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6
Power Consumption
Operating Conditions
71mm×67mm ×121mm
What’s in the Box

① Package Box

② Power Adaptor

③ Mounted Base

④ Quick Start Guide

⑤ 2m Type-C Cable

⑥ Screw Kit

⑦ Camera

Service Policies
7 days no reason to return or exchange.
From the date you receive the product, you can enjoy a 7-day no reason return or exchange service if the product is undamaged and the outer packaging is intact.
30-day Free Replacement for Quality Issues.
Within 30 days from the date of product receipt, including the date of receipt, if the product experiences non-human-induced performance failures, you can replace the same product for free, and the round-trip shipping cost is borne by the merchant.
1-year Free Warranty
From the date of receiving the product, you can enjoy free repair service for non-human-induced performance faults within 1 year, and the round-trip shipping fee will be covered by the merchant.
1. The term '2.5K resolution' is a generic term referring to a resolution level with a horizontal resolution of approximately 2500 pixels for screens or content. Reoqoo Smart camera Pro2.5K P/T version resolution is 2560x1440.
2. Two-way talk refers to intercommunication between camera side and the App side. The Lab test distance is up to 5 meters. The actual effect may vary depending on the real environment.
3. To customize music comfort, you need to set the relevant music or voice on the App.
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