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Reoqoo Outdoor Camera
2.5K P/T version
Your Outdoor Security Ace
2.5K UHD Resolution | AI Human/Vehicle/ Fire Detection | Dual Antenna Stable Connection
Top Features
2.5K UHD Resolution
AI Human/Vehicle/ Fire Detection
Sound&Light Alerts
Dual Antenna Stable Connection
2.5K Ultra High Image Quality Every Detail So Visibly Clear
Brighter Picture Higher Quality

4MP resolutions,be able to capture motional details and make sure everything into control1.
Application Scenarios
Fearless of Darkness
Upgraded Intelligent Full-color
Night Vision
Built-in HSI high sensitivity lens and 850nm infrared light beads, full-color images effect perform even in low light environments, high quality and clear night vision.
With 14 built-in LED lights, full-color night vision provides your worry-free protection.
6+6+2 LEDs
6 white LED lights + 6 infrared LEDs + 2 red&blue warning lights
Up to 10 meters
Maximum night vision range2
F1.6 super large aperture
More light transmission, better imaging
AI Human/Vehicle Detection Anti-Scratch Cars Protection Store Surveillance
Accurately sense the passage of humans and vehicles and promptly send notifications. High-decibel sound alarms settings, along with light warnings, to deter the unwelcomed.
Fire Detection
Nip Flame in the Bud
When burning,camera is anle to recognize the flame promptly and send out the alarm sound. App notifications push at the same time to reduce the risk of accidents. (such as fires)3.
MIMO Dual-Antenna Design Huger Data Transfer Capacity More Stable Connections
With delicate dual-antenna design and the high-performance MIMO technology, the signal link performs more stable and faster for the larger data transfer capacity with 2x2 channel support.
Other Features
360° Panoramic View
Motion Tracking
Two-way Talk
Full Color Day&Night
Customized Surveillance
Screen Sharing
Cloud & SD Card Storage
ONVIF Standards Support
Product Name
Reoqoo AI Camera 2.5K P/T version
Max. Resolution
Micro SD card (Max. 256G)
Power Supply
IP Grade
Waterproof Design
Video Compression
Operating Conditions
What’s in the Box

① 2.5K Security Camera

② Screw Kit

③ Location Sticker

④ Waterproof Set

⑤ Seal

⑥ Quick Start Guide

Service Policies
7 days no reason to return or exchange.
From the date you receive the product, you can enjoy a 7-day no reason return or exchange service if the product is undamaged and the outer packaging is intact.
30-day Free Replacement for Quality Issues.
Within 30 days from the date of product receipt, including the date of receipt, if the product experiences non-human-induced performance failures, you can replace the same product for free, and the round-trip shipping cost is borne by the merchant.
1-year Free Warranty
From the date of receiving the product, you can enjoy free repair service for non-human-induced performance faults within 1 year, and the round-trip shipping fee will be covered by the merchant.
1. The maximum detection distance during the day is 15 meters. The data is based on tests conducted by Reoqoo Lab. Actual performance may vary.
2. The maximum night vision detection range is 10 meters, based on testing conducted by the Reoqoo Lab. The results are for reference only; actual performance may vary. Night vision mode needs to be selected and turned on in settings, and it supports full-color settings 24 hours a day. The image effects are for reference only; please refer to the actual performance.
3. Fire detection belongs to the experimental function, which is in the beta stage and is limited by different complex applications. It may cause false alerts or omission alerts. For example, objects or environmental backgrounds resembling flames in shape and color appear in the monitoring screen, which may cause false and omission alerts. So please turn on this function according to specific scenarios. Black-and-white images do not support AI Fire Detection function. If need, please switch the mode from Night Vision to Full Color Day&Night.
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